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More ways to feed

Lawns, flowerbeds, walls, sheds, fence posts and tree branches: everywhere in your garden is a feeding point in waiting.

Simply twist in a Flutter Butter® Pod: these beautiful feeders provide limitless options for offering our peanut butter for birds in any garden.

Flutter Butter® Feeder

Twist, hang, feed. Slip in a Flutter Butter Pod and hang from a tree branch or hook.

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Flowerbed Feeder

Add a splash of year-round colour to lawns, flowerbeds and borders.

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Window Feeder

Get a really close up view of birds as they feed. Strong suckers attach instantly to glass.

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Treehouse Hanging

Hang from a tree or hook with the stainless-steel chain.

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Treehouse Duplex

Double the enjoyment: holds two Flutter Butter Pods so more birds can feed in comfort.

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Treehouse Wall

Turn any wall, shed or fence post into an additional feeding station.

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Treehouse Post

Stands proudly with its matching pine post that drives into a flowerbed or lawn.

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Anywhere Wall Mount

Dot a few around your garden to give visitors even more dining options.

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Flutter Butter® De Luxe Feeder

A brilliant focal point in any garden, this versatile feeder is the perfect way to offer Flutter Butter®. 

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