The peanut butter for birds

What’s the Flutter Butter secret?

We don’t know who first spotted that wild birds enjoy peanut butter. But here’s a gentle word of warning if you’re tempted to offer ordinary peanut butter in your own garden.

Lots of British bird species – including tits, robins, wrens, dunnocks, greenfinches and woodpeckers – enjoy peanuts, either whole or as smaller pieces and granules.

Technically, peanuts aren’t nuts at all. Growing underground – hence the common name ‘groundnut’ – they’re a member of the legume family that includes peas and beans. They’re also one of the best sources of concentrated protein in the entire plant kingdom, and that makes them a year-round winner with hungry birds.

So why isn’t offering ordinary peanut butter a good idea? While it tastes great on your morning toast, peanut butter contains lots of added salt. And just as we’re reminded to cut down on salt in our own diets, it’s something that we shouldn’t be offering to garden birds.

Instead, we’ve created richly nutritious Flutter Butter to give birds that all-important protein boost but without the added salt. And as well as being safe for birds, it’s also supremely convenient. Just grab a handy Pod – available in three flavours – and twist into any of our Flutter Butter Feeders. There’s no mess. No fuss. And swapping fresh pods couldn’t be easier.

So back to the big question: why do birds love Flutter Butter? Honestly, scientists aren’t entirely sure for now. Birds may not have noses, but they do have nostrils, and research shows that some species do indeed have some kind of sense of smell.

Whatever the reason, you’ll soon find out when you try it in your own garden: there’s something in Flutter Butter that birds find absolutely irresistible.